This is the World Wide Web frontend (Cgit) to Andrew Yu's Git server.

This server hosts personal and project repositories or mirrors thereof
of Andrew and friends.  People include Andrew, Test_User, Luke,
vitali64, and others.  Projects include the Evosaur Project, some YK Pao
School-related projects, and others.  Special thanks to Luke for setting
up Cgit.

In order to reduce transfer time and traffic load on my server and your
connection, please use a shallow clone (i.e. git clone ... --depth=1) if
you are simply checking out the current status of a repository or if you
want to build and use software hosted here.  You may want to use
--no-single-branch if you need multiple branches as --depth implies
--single-branch unless otherwise specified.

Although git:// cloning is available, smart HTTPS cloning is recommended
as Git's own protocol is unencrypted.  If you have SSH access to this
server, the repositories may be found in /srv/git.

Repository descriptions may have tags in brackets ([, ]), delimited by
commas (,).

Completeness tags:
* The "incomplete" tag means that the project still lacks important
  features or ideas which are to be written.
* The "complete" tag means that the project's features and ideas are
  generally complete.  Most new commits are bug fixes or quality-of-life
* The "constant" tag means that the project does not have clear goals to
  be "completed".  This includes things like a personal Website's
  repository, as personal Websites are usually indefinitely (until death
  or something like that I guess) updated, do not have clear goals, and
  changes (such as adding new articles) aren't really quality-of-life
  improvements but are like a constant stream of ideas/features.  These
  projects may not have regular commits as often it's "commit on idea".
* The "deprecated" tag means that the project is deprecated but may be
  still kept publicly available for historical reasons.

Activity tags (only applicable for "incomplete" completeness projects):
* The "inactive" tag, means that the project while missing important
  features or ideas, is not being very actively developed, likely due to
  the authors being busy with other (which the authors likely believe to
  be more important) stuff.  Suggestions are still welcome.  Things are
  likely going to be picked back up again.
* The "stuck" tag, means that the project has important ideas or
  features to add but the solution isn't readily available or requires a
  lot of thought, and thus may look inactive, but is still being
  actively worked on.  The project will be active-looking immediatly
  after the problem is solved.
* The "active" tag indicates active development.