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2022-08-12Add support for single-use callbacksHEADmasterAndrew Yu
2022-08-12Hopefully unbroke case sensitivityAndrew Yu
2022-08-12Fix kickban: Now we have a ban_mask()Andrew Yu
2022-08-11Fix some bugs in kickbanAndrew Yu
2022-08-11Basic kickbanningAndrew Yu
2022-08-11Show git repo in :helpAndrew Yu
2022-08-11Changes in PRIVMSG handlingAndrew Yu
2022-08-11Implement chatcommand `OP'Andrew Yu
2022-08-11Now able to match hostmasks (ft ProgVal)Andrew Yu
2022-08-11Basic PART trackingAndrew Yu
2022-08-11Tested and working SASL PLAIN; now joins channels at NoMOTD / MOTD endAndrew Yu
2022-08-11Untested implementation of SASL PLAINAndrew Yu
2022-08-11Callback without global variables!Andrew Yu
2022-08-11ReformatAndrew Yu
2022-08-11Simple callback registration system!Andrew Yu