AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-16Break everything.HEADmasterAndrew Yu
2022-07-11Correct spelling + style cleanup.Andrew Yu
2022-07-10Remove unnecessary debugging output.Andrew Yu
2022-07-10More robust way of removing build files in `clean'.Andrew Yu
2022-07-10Remove excessive conversive comments.Andrew Yu
2022-07-09Ignore and remove core dumps.Andrew Yu
2022-07-09Basic argument-linked-list echo server.Andrew Yu
2022-07-09Hax's EditsAndrew Yu
2022-07-09Fix the freaking Makefile!Andrew Yu
2022-07-09Remove committed object files.Andrew Yu
2022-07-09Show the world our broken Makefile!Andrew Yu
2022-07-09Remove accidentally committed compiled a.out.Andrew Yu
2022-07-09Remove u-test.Andrew Yu
2022-07-09Read the fine source!Andrew Yu
2022-07-09Basic libidc.Andrew Yu
2022-07-09Routine backup, just in case everything dies!Andrew Yu
2022-07-09Various changes.Andrew Yu
2022-07-09Comment on why epoll is used, clean up unnecessary typecast.Andrew Yu
2022-07-09Remove pthreads from makefileAndrew Yu
2022-07-09It's time for a simple epoll echo server...Andrew Yu
2022-07-09Comment on argument structs.Andrew Yu
2022-07-09First attempt at a threaded server.Andrew Yu
2022-07-08Adjust formatting.Andrew Yu
2022-07-07Ignore Emacs autosave files (*~)Andrew Yu
2022-07-07More warning flags for the compiler!Andrew Yu
2022-07-07Nice little progress file to keep track of thingsAndrew Yu
2022-07-07Make cidcs not prone to null byte problemsAndrew Yu
2022-07-08We just read stuff to standard output...Andrew Yu
2022-07-08No CWEB for nowAndrew Yu
2022-07-03Add the GNU Affero General Public LicenseAndrew Yu
2022-07-03Add Makefile for simpler weaving and compilationAndrew Yu
2022-07-03Ignore compiled executablesAndrew Yu
2022-07-03Ignore auxillary files produced by C{WEAVE,TANGLE} and TeXAndrew Yu