AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-13Send unknown command numeric and add more options to proxyHEADmainluk3yx
2022-05-12Add time tag to multiline messagesluk3yx
2022-05-12Proxy newlines as separate messages for nowluk3yx
2022-05-12Fix PONGsluk3yx
2022-05-12Prepend PING messages with "proxy:"luk3yx
2022-05-12Add CAP negotiation to idc_irc_proxy.pyluk3yx
2022-05-12Add idc_irc_proxy.pyluk3yx
2022-05-07Parse NOTICE and ACTIONluk3yx
2022-05-07Process JOIN eventsluk3yx
2022-05-07Fix CHANMSG and don't swallow exceptionsluk3yx
2022-05-07IDC channels don't have a leading #luk3yx
2022-05-06Tweak PONG responseluk3yx
2022-05-06Fix escapingluk3yx
2022-05-06Don't handle echo messages if echo-message wasn't requestedluk3yx
2022-05-06Fix 001 sendingluk3yx
2022-05-06USER → LOGINluk3yx
2022-05-06Use where possibleluk3yx
2022-05-06Use = instead of : and make mypy happyluk3yx
2022-05-02Fix stupidityluk3yx
2022-05-02Add temporarilyluk3yx
2022-04-24Make Andrew happyluk3yx
2022-04-24Set self.active_caps correctlyluk3yx
2022-04-24Don't bother trying to send CTCPsluk3yx
2022-04-24New message format (again)luk3yx
2022-04-21New message formatluk3yx
2022-04-21Fix 001 formatluk3yx
2022-04-21Initial commitluk3yx