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2 days/index.html: 80ex ht for iframeHEADmasterAndrew
2 days/plain.css: Add border for all iframes.Andrew
2 days/event/debate.html: Boldface motion.Andrew
2 days/plain.css: Increase padding for .copyright.Andrew
2 days/plain.css: Add border for .copyright.Andrew
2 days/plain.css: Add background for .copyright.Andrew
2 days/plain.css: Make the copyright colors more obvious.Andrew
2 days/plain.css: Fix copyright css.Andrew
2 daysIndicate copyright tags.Andrew
2 days/event/debate.html: <a target="_parent">...Andrew
2 days/event/debate.html: <a target="_blank">...Andrew
3 days/404.html: Update git repository HTTP URL.Andrew
3 days/event/debate-qr.jpg: Copy debate QR to events.Andrew
3 days/contact.html: Slight change of wording.Andrew
3 days/contact.html: Line breaks.Andrew
3 days/event/debate.html: Beautify indentation.Andrew
3 days/event/debate.html: Seperate the debate file.Andrew
3 days/index.html: Define beauty pageant.Andrew
3 days/sitemap.txt: Update sitemap.Andrew
3 days/article/fsw-edu-china*: Clarify ``Chinese Government'', not just ``China''Andrew
3 dayscontact.html: Link to communications guidelines and YKPS comms.Andrew
3 daysindex.html: Use blockquote for debate poster.Andrew
3 daysindex.html: Beautify debate poster.Andrew
3 daysindex.html: Update debate qr code.Andrew
3 daysindex.html: Debate tournament QR code and contact information.Andrew
3 daysindex.html: Debate tournament.Andrew
3 daysindex.html: Update current notes.Andrew
9 days/index.html: Use <li> instead of <a> style.Andrew
9 days/index.html: Don't click here.Andrew
9 days/index.html: Fix <video /> tag unable to self-close.Andrew
9 days/index.html: RickrollAndrew
10 days/school/stugov-proposals.html: Clarify legislative work.Andrew
10 days/.gitignore: Ignore org-mode files.Andrew
11 days*: Fix broken ``contact'' links and link to it in index.htmlAndrew Yu
11 days*: Structural changes + communication guidelines.Andrew Yu
14 days/school/stugov-*.html: Elaborate on what I will do.Andrew Yu
2022-09-14/school/stugov-campaign.html: Representative democracy.Andrew Yu
2022-09-13/school/: Student Government CAMPAIGN document initial commit.Andrew Yu
2022-09-13school/stugov-proposals.html: Suggest LED lighting.Andrew Yu
2022-09-13school/stugov-proposals.html: Add table of contentsAndrew Yu
2022-09-13Misc contact info changes and stugov proposal extensionAndrew Yu
2022-09-12Sitemap update.Andrew Yu
2022-09-12/school/stugov-proposals.html: Add anchor IDs.Andrew Yu
2022-09-12Initial commit.Andrew Yu